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Frope it's NOT Saturday - Radio Program

About Frope:

frope -adverb Informal. Sarcastic. Satirical.
1. no, nope.

"Frope it's Not Saturday" is a live broadcast radio program hosted by Jesse Brennan. It is a largely satirical comedy driven show focused not necessarily on the musical aspect but everything that can go wrong in hosting your own radio show.

Frope is largely influenced by Williams Streets' "Space Ghost - Coast to Coast" as well as "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."
The musical and audio-clip parts of the show are largely centered around abstract Internet pop-culture, vintage video game music, personal favorites of the host as well as the guest host.

Each show typically includes a weekly theme, usually conceived last minute, as well as a guest host who may bring their own theme.
The host character, "The Doctor," is a caricature of Jesse's inner desire to be constantly sarcastic regardless of social constraints. Frope is simply an excuse to break all the rules of a typical radio program. The role of "The Doc" allows him a freedom and confidence to unleash the full breadth of his wit be it for better or worse. The worse, much of the time, resulting to be more satisfactory and, in his opinion, in a better show.


Frope it's NOT Saturday has had two successful runs to date; the first being on pirate radio at K-NOTHING, the second being a more legitimate spot on K-MEC.

K-NOTHING was a collaborative pirate radio station in Ukiah, California during the end of Jesse's high school years between 2000-2001. The station had only a broadcast power of about 40 watts and would constantly go down completely mid-show. Jesse had little involvement in the stations creation and only found himself a slot, Saturday nights from 11:55pm-4am, a few months before the stations closing. (Due to the combining force of FCC warnings and apartment eviction.) The pictures below were taken at a mock-protest orchestrated by Jesse to gain awareness of the station and of Frope. Signs referenced the "All Your Base" Internet phenomenon and asked passing drivers to tune their radios to the station only to be greeted with the All Your Base theme song playing on a loop.

K-MEC, the Mendocino Environmental Center, radio station is also located in Ukiah, California and was home to Frope Saturday nights from 11:55am to 2:00am between February and May of 2007. The last episode aired May 19, 2007 and ran a record eight hours long! It included next to every guest from the entire season coming in and out of the broadcasting room and had a known audience of one listener.
Special thanks to Barry for allowing the chance for Jesse to have a slot as well for all the wonderfully positive feedback. K-MEC is still up and running and can be live streamed via the Internet here: K-MEC RADIO

Frope it's NOT Saturday is not currently running but is certain to resurrect, when that day comes all information will be posted here. For now there will be streams of some of Jesse's favorite clips as well as downloads of full episodes posted here free. Just locate and click the taco bell "listen" sauce!

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