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What the fuck?

Find out more at www.legs.com

LEGS as seen here...
legsYou shitty asnals fuisck to you ra asans!!

Why in the FUCK
Would you want to write your own website?
You don't have any TIME for this!!

WHAT StEHT THE FUCK YOUUOSDUFUDOFU@J!J!J!J !J! JDFLSADFSAD PD ASDF DP FAfdasfiuasdlfkj dfa;lkjadf;lawejeeg;l ga;ldkjgad;lfjasd fadsdf as WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE ARI GDDUFCKED YOUR AMOTHERWAW!!! I ATEAHT chi ing you aspansich snow aoyasou satfilthy afucakisng aspasifdg a ass hooles!!!

I have a BIGGER smaller cock than you! Lols

This is the dumbest font ever. Why would any one ever want to use it?

Mono Spaced text is probably the coolest text ever. It reminds me of old type writers.
Actually it's not that cool, I'm a fag.

This is the area where I type poems about bunnies and other fuzzy national creatures of wood. Sterile rabbits and snakes knock on tree limbs with bananas.


  1. Why the fuck
  2. am I dong this?

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